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About Privacy

The main guideline of the site administration activities we consider unconditional respect for visiting our website visitors and potential customers. The highest priority, and the need to protect your information on this site is recognized unequivocally.

Below we list some specific information about you and what we hope to get. In addition, we hope that the policy set forth below with respect to the administration of personal data will facilitate the maximum in making informed decisions on the transfer of information that is personally identifiable, and is expected to be used after getting her through this Site.

We hope that our customers have chosen to demonstrate their agreement, with the attitude to privacy, and will decide on the transfer of information administration of the site.

Everything described below extends the action exclusively on the site, which is allocated, no other sites can not be governed by the provisions set out below, even if they have a link to our site.

The procedure for collecting information

When you visit our site, we define the country and the domain of your provider, as well as fix the transitions from one page to "transition flow activity" for the formation of other statistics.

All information given to us through the site is used solely to improve the usability of the site, including the realization of the work on the following list of settings, but we do not limit ourselves to the following items:

- A change for the better structure of the site for the most comfortable of its use by visitors;

- If the user decides to subscribe to the mailing list for information about special offers, or the nature of certain subjects - to provide such an opportunity.

When a site visitor registers or re-visit it, we will automatically accumulate its confidential information. At the same time such information we include all that allows to personalize our client - e-mail, data and last name, and so forth.

Sharing information

We pass the collected information only when it is prescribed by the appropriate court decision and only to the relevant authorities of the country, a citizen or resident of which is our client. Furthermore, under any circumstances, we will not share information about our customers. Nobody.

Denial of responsibility

We emphasize that the collection, and other operations with personal information, as described above, can be extended solely on the Website. No other sites, including those links to which are located on this site, these provisions do not apply.

The procedure for dealing with information that is personal and must be collected on these sites and using them is regulated in the order, which specifically mentioned on these sites. For collection, use, and all other operations that occur with personal information on other websites administration of this site is not responsible.

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