Algorithms for the successful promotion of sites

The most common mistakes in SEO-promotion of sites

In promoting internet sites, there is a huge number of subtleties, nuances and pitfalls that provide them all is not possible.

Firstly, the rules of the game in this market are constantly changing - that introduces new algorithms Yandex, the changing legislation, that happens anything else.
Secondly, many owners of sites, web-masters and optimizers use their own technology and development.
Third, some successful promotion universal algorithm simply does not exist in principle! However, to protect themselves from the most common mistakes that result in fatal consequences for the site, it's possible. In this article we will examine the most common missteps.

1. Lack of unique content

Perhaps the most common mistake that can lead to a life ban from the search engines. Of course, to write unique texts for the site "out of my head," not everyone can. It is - quite tedious and routine work.
Much easier to copy text from other sources and paste it on your own. But that's the whole point, that in recent years in assessing the Yandex site brings unique content to the fore.
And if the search engine spiders find a certain percentage of plagiarism, the site is dramatically reduced in the issue, go to the search results to a very distant position, if not subjected to the imposition of the ban.
To avoid this, you must create unique content of the site itself. Those who can not or do not have the time, you can advise the following:

• Purchase unique texts from professional copywriters, either on specialized markets and shops articles.
• Placement of the copied text into an image. Robot Spider Yandex will take this format is not a borrowed text, and as an image. Of course, in this case it is necessary, after all, add a little of its original text. Incidentally, this technique is very helpful to make a unique text, which contains a lot of citations, formulas, laws or technical specifications.

2. The texts, with an excess of keywords

Another very common mistake that can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Often, trying to reach the highest possible position in the search results for certain phrases - key demands - site owners place them in large numbers, inserting into the text to the place and out of place. This directly leads to the fact that the analytical algorithms of the search engines recognize such text spam and impose sanctions on the resource, from slide to grant and filters to the complete ban (AGS type).

To avoid this, you must understand that now is the leading search engines when ranking sites does not give priority to keyword density as it was before, but the uniqueness and importance of the texts, their usefulness.

Of course, the key words in the text are necessary, but they must be entered organically and naturally. If your site contains a feature article that contains useful information for the user, the key phrase there will by definition. But if some combinations of words found too often, it is - a straight road down the SERPs!

3. All the key questions on one page

Often, creating another page of the site, web-master seeks to place on it the maximum amount of high-frequency queries. Modern technology, which today have search engines make it easy to identify such pages and drop in issuing them. Therefore, ideally, should "dedicate" every single page of the site to a single keyword.

4. The set of pages with the same key

Some SEOs try to "strengthen" the effectiveness of website promotion for a particular search term by placing a few pages from his target switching. It should be noted that such a strategy is often a "labor of Sisyphus".
The fact that the search operation, meeting on one site many pages with the same type of content entering keywords of the same mold, identical headers and meta tags, choose only one of them, ignoring the rest.
It is in the eyes of "spiders", of course, does not look candid double of pages to what the search engines are extremely negative (by the way, is another mistake resource owners - the existence of absolutely identical pages), but, nevertheless, in the promotion of the website creation of similar pages It does not help.

5. A rare site update

Ranking of the website by search engines is highly dependent on the regularity of its updates. From the point of view of search engines, a website needs to be "alive". A "live" site - it is, in their opinion, the resource where new information appears periodically (usually - text). And, more often - the better. At least in the form of short news.

6. Not enough competent internal optimization

Many web-masters and SEOs neglect the basic foundation for successful website promotion - optimization of internal resources. This happens either by lack of time or because of elementary laziness.

Meanwhile, search engines pay very close attention to aspects such as "purity» HTML-code, the presence of internal linking, rational distribution of menus and sections, filling in meta tags and parameters of service files (robots, site map and other) and other aspects related to the work site and its user friendliness.

In this article, of course, the list is not all the typical mistakes that do not allow the site to occupy a leading position in the search engine rankings. But even correcting these deficiencies, the resource owner can get quite good results.

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